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There’s No Place Like Home

What makes a home? Is it the sticks of furniture or the carpet? Is it the place you rest your head? Or maybe it’s who you live with – your roommate, spouse, or other family member?

For our recent HOMEseek client Ashley*, home was a place that she moved into with her children in a new neighborhood. They had each other and a solid roof over their heads but they had little furniture to speak of. Her 5 kids slept on the wooden floors, because they couldn’t afford beds or blankets. Their living room space did not provide a place to gather and chat because there were no couches. Basic household items like curtains and bathroom towels were also missing. Several months went by, and mom went to work and the kids went to school, but their home remained the same.

In mid-January, THRIVE learned about Ashley’s situation. It was time to step in.

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The staff quickly initiated a HOMEseek program to serve the family’s needs. HOMEseek operates by connecting the gifts of donors and volunteers to Peninsula residents who are lacking basic household furniture and goods.

With the help and generosity of 5 donors and 4 volunteers, Ashley’s home now has a different feel.

Today, all five children sleep on a beds or mattresses with blankets to make for a peaceful night’s rest. Today, their living room is a family room, equipped with a large sofa and love seat to provide space for everyone to come together. Today each person in the household has a bathing towel, and there are curtains for the windows. But that’s not all!

The family received a number of other household gifts including an area rug for the living room and additional dishes for the kitchen. The children now have new board games, a crayon/paper set, stuffed animals and some chocolate. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate?

Our donors and volunteers make HOMEseek projects like this possible. THRIVE has the privilege of connecting people with resources – to demonstrate God’s love and the power of the body of Christ in a tangible way. This is just one of THRIVE’s many programs that serve Peninsula families. To learn more about services or to make a donation to our ministries, visit our main page and click “Get Involved”.

From Ashley and her family: “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

*name changed to protect the privacy of the family