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“Walk a Mile in their Shoes” – Shoe Collection

If You Can’t Walk a Mile in their Shoes…

Bare Feet

then, this is the next best way to help!

Donate your new or gently worn shoes (any size, any type) to THRIVE Peninsula, and assist in raising funds to help feed, shelter, educate and encourage families in crisis in our local community. Your footwear contributions also support a vital cause by helping create and/or sustain micro-business opportunities for low income families in developing nations, where 1.3 billion people–400 million of them children–walk barefoot!

  • Protect destitute families day-to-day from parasite and other health and safety concerns.
  • Open doors for education of hundreds of millions of disadvantaged children with shoes necessary for school entry.
  • Save lives when shoes are used for barter for goats which provide life-sustaining milk.
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of the most impoverished people on earth, while dramatically reducing post-consumer waste in our nation’s landfills and helping people in strife in our local community with food, financial assistance and budget education.

This mission opportunity is year-round. Thus, please contact THRIVE’s Outreach Center at 757-877-6211, ext. 5, in order to coordinate your organization or individual “Shoe” collection and/or drop-off.  (Selected start-up flyers available:  Walk a Mile in Their Shoes flyer, Shoe Flyer for Bin, Shoe Flyer_2015.)



Just a couple of steps to your closet equals miles in the lives of those in need, both near and far!