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Family Comes First




When recent client Laura* reached out to THRIVE, she was in a desperate situation. As a single mother of two, Laura had been working 40 hours a week at minimum pay, earning just enough to support her family and cover her basic necessities. But back in March, things took a sudden turn.

Out of nowhere, Laura’s daughter started having epileptic seizures between 10-12 times a week, throwing Laura and her family into a myriad of doctors and hospital visits to try to quickly find a resolution. While she struggled with her daughter’s health issues and had growing concerns for her safety, doctors’ visits become more frequent and Laura was forced to work fewer hours to accommodate the appointments. Meanwhile, hospital bills on top of her regular household bills began to pile up around her. Laura became 2 months behind on her rent and unable to overcome the financial hurdle alone. To make matters worse, the single mom was given a Pay or Quit notice by her landlord and had only five days to cover the outstanding balance. With no one else to turn to, she reached out to THRIVE for assistance.

A THRIVE Family Advocate sat down with Laura and outlined a personalized budget to help her get back on track. Laura was approved for rental assistance through THRIVE and a partner agency, and as a result, Laura was able to completely overcome her outstanding balance. “THRIVE was very kind and open-hearted. They were understanding, and sympathized with my situation. They didn’t cut me off when I shared about my experience, they just listened.”

Now it’s August and Laura is able to start the month with a zero rent balance. Thankfully, her daughter’s seizures have recently stabilized and she now has the proper medication. Her daughter was approved to receive a home health aide through the work of another local organization so Laura can go back to work with confidence and continue to tackle bills for her family.

“Now I have what I need to take care of my household, “Laura said.

THRIVE is honored to have met Laura and to have played a part in this family’s success story. We are praying for continued health and success for this beautiful family!

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*name changed to protect the privacy of the family